Does QP-PL84 works with QuickPro

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We have an odd problem. We need to produce a small serie (~50 Pices) of QL-8x12B-PL68C.
We have mostly all we need some we have
- The chips,
- A PC running with Windos 3.11(with a serial interfave)
- A QP-QL84 with the necessary adapter
- The Sources of the Programming and the CHP file
- The Quickworks software (but the downloaded 9.4.1 version is not installable under 3.11 as described in the old doc, and not supporting a a programmer)
- QuickPro is runnung udner new systems, but probaly not supporting the QP-PL84 (or is it ?)

Is there a way to get the old old old software which was running under windows 3.1 (3.11) just to burn the Chips.
(we could find no-one still having a programming environment for the QL8x12B-0PL68C)

Thenks for hints or help

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Unfortunately, the pASIC1 family was EOL in Jan'2005 and we no-longer have a programmer that supports these devices.

I believe that you would need the designer pro programmer

We can guarantee the quality of if the devices would program successfully, but I found this details on the web ... 0885-5/22/

You could also check with the old QuickLogic third-party center in the UK called Action Circuit, in Luton to see if they still have programming equipment.
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