QORC-SDK in Eclipse on windows10

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I am creating a build environment with Eclipse on Windows 10 by following the procedure of "EclipseReadme.txt" in GCC_Project of QORC-SDK.

However, an error like the attached image occurs.
What's wrong with my settings?
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That readme was aimed primarily at a Windows use-case, hence you see path problems with backslashes.

For using Eclipse with QORC SDK, please take a look at :
https://github.com/QuickLogic-Corp/qorc ... clipse.rst
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Thank you for your reference. ;)
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I hit the same issue in Win10 and the root cause is I have 2 GNU ARM Toolchain installed in Win10.
The way I fixed it is to change TC_PATH/QORC_TC_PATH in config.mk like below

#Override with your own tool direcoty
#export TC_PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\GNU Tools ARM Embedded\7 2017-q4-major\bin
export TC_PATH=c:\Program Files (x86)\GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain\9 2020-q2-update\bin
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