Not able to programm a Sparkfun board

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I'm trying to program a Quickfeather Sparkfun board using Tynifpga-programmer, but without success.

First I can not get the breathing green led as expected when pressing the user button. LED come fixed green for a time, thne blue is blinking again, and finally switch off.
I got the serial link well configured and can interact with the board through the terminal.
I got:
Sparkfun thing+ LED / User Button Test
SW Version: qorc-sdk/qt-apps/qt_helloworldsw
May 10 2021

then the command line is working fine.

When programming (or trying), I use:

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qfprog --port /dev/ttyACM0 --m4app ./output/qf_helloworldsw.bin --mode m4
and I get:

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CLI mode
ports =  ['/dev/ttyACM0 (QuickFeather)'] 1
Using port  /dev/ttyACM0 (QuickFeather)
Programming m4 application with  ./output/qf_helloworldsw.bin
Erasing designated flash pages
Erase  64.0 KiB ( 0xd8 ) at  0x80000
Erase  32.0 KiB ( 0x52 ) at  0x90000
Erase  4.0 KiB ( 0x20 ) at  0x98000
Erase  4.0 KiB ( 0x20 ) at  0x99000
Erase  4.0 KiB ( 0x20 ) at  0x9a000
Erase  4.0 KiB ( 0x20 ) at  0x9b000
Writing  binary
Write  112688  bytes
Verifying  binary
FastREAD 0x0B ( 112688 )
[                                                 ]
and nothing more

Any idea to see if all is well programmed or how to make it happening?


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Hi Cyril, I am having the same issue, flashing freezing up on the FastREAD stage. Did you ever manage to resolve this at all?
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