pAPSIC (Ql3025-1pf144c)

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Q1-Do we need to load programming file in pASIC 3 (ql3025-1pf144c) chip at every restart?Q2-Is this chip reprogrammable like any other Fpga of xilinx?
Q3-Is there any technique available to copy the bit file from the chip?
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The pASIC3 family is Low Power, High-Reliability Antifuse FPGA, which means that it is One-Time Programmable and is Non-volatile, and Instant-On, so it doesn't need to be configured like an SRAM based FPGA

QuickLogic Antifuse families
pASIC1, pASIC2, pASIC3, QuickRAM, Eclipse 1 and 2, PolarPro 1 and 2

QuickLogic SRAM families
PolarPro 3, EOS S3, and QuickLogic range of eFPGA IP (ArcticPro 1 or 2 k4n8 or k6n8 families).

As there is no bitstream to load there is no way to read out the design.

These devices are typically ordered from QuickLogic pre-programmed using an additional 4 digit code at the end of the part number, through our first article system.

The device you mention below may have an order code QL3025-1PF144C - xxxx where xxxx denotes the 4 digit code to denote the programming code used to program the device.

If you have any additional questions, please let us know.
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