Problem with cheap EOS3 BGA64 design

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Hi to all!

I bought EOS3 BGA on CrowdSupply and as II started to work on my board I discovered that it would be hard to make it at low price.
If I would do it correctly I would need to use small vias, probably buried vias so for few boards that did not make sense to me...
But as I still wanted board I had some idea to do it hacky way.
If I do not use VIA under BGA then all will be good and cheap.

I tough that one of two approaches should work.
First idea was to use just the pins I need - and not to place pads for the pins I do not need.

But then I looked at the datasheet and as I discovered some pins in datasheet some pins would not mind if they are connected on startup I used other approach.
Connected some pins together so if that would work I could use more pins at the end...
EOS3.jpeg (153.81 KiB) Viewed 222 times
I ordered board from OshPark -

I assembled board and start to study tool chain.
Finally understood how to "compile" everything, but I run on the issue.

Problem is that I can load fw to board, but LED does not blink and if I connect to debug board I see
DBG.png (102.03 KiB) Viewed 222 times
Problem is that now I an stuck as I tried many things in software, and I am not sure that HW is done right.
So if someone who knows architecture could check my board and schematics for things I did bad - that would really help me to get i running.
Quick_BGA_soldered_L.jpg (76.58 KiB) Viewed 222 times
Board is here: Cheap version is the one I am referring to, as in the same repo there is other unfinished board... ... QuickBGA64

Board now has all parts on, with addition of BOOT jumpers and LED on other pin for testing...
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Found your post. I will look at the schematic and layout and give you feedback in 1 week time.
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