Trying to set up Symbiflow

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Software is not my, um, strong point. I am following directions to set up Symbiflow as described here ... repository. I cloned the GitHub repository, unzipped the file to the new directory. The screenshot is attached. My problem is the next step which is, in terminal, type "make env". This is the result:

otto@juice:~/Documents/symbiflow-arch-defs$ make env
git submodule init
make: git: Command not found
Makefile:10: third_party/make-env/ No such file or directory
make: *** [Makefile:7: third_party/make-env/] Error 127

Time to ask an expert, or at least, someone who has been here.

My system is Linux Mint 20.
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The error you are seeing is because it doesn't seem like git is installed on your system, see the error message;
make: git: Command not found
On a side note, the instructions you are following are for getting set up as a SymbiFlow Developer, (IE you want to help do development on the toolchain) rather than a SymbiFlow user (I just want to use an existing FPGA that I have).

Assuming you just want to use an existing QuickFeather board, you should probably look at one of the following repositories; Hope that helps!

Tim 'mithro' Ansell
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