Sybiflow on Windows

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Can Sybiflow be instaledl on Windows?
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Good question. I also want to know.
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SymbiFlow is currently only supported on Linux. CentOS7.x is the current best platform. Ubuntu will be available soon.
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Windows as of now , we do not support.
Centos, RHEL, Ubuntu are supported.
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A convenient way of running Linux on windows is using the Linux Subsystem for Windows. ... tall-win10
After enabling you can install a Linux distro from Microsoft store.
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While not officially supported, the Antmicro is working with the SymbiFlow project (in collaboration with the LiteX community) on precompiled Windows binaries for all the tools required.

See and

It should hopefully be ready in a couple of weeks.
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No, but it is easy to run on WSL on Windows 10. You can install Ubuntu straightforward on it and run gtkwave on Xming sessions on windows.
I used it and works perfect with my Verilog flow.
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