Replacement for TI MIPI to LVDS Display Bridge

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Can you please help, I am having difficulties source the TI MIPI to LVDS display.

I don'thave time to create and validate the FPGA design in the Lattice CrossLink solution, and would prefer an ASSP type solution, to reduce risk and timescales.

I was discussing this with one of your distributors and they mentioned that you may have stock or at least could supply with an acceptable lead-time.

I have different display requirements using both one channel and two channel LVDS

Can you please suggest a device?

What flexibility do you have on your LVDS channel and what resolutions do you support
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Thank you for your interest in Quicklogic.

Please let me answer your technical questions and I will get Sales to contact you will availability and lead-time.

You are correct QuickLogic has a family of ASSP display bridges
Bx5_family.JPG (50.27 KiB) Viewed 26091 times
The devices that you are most interested in are the

Bx5B1D (MIPI to 1 channel LVDS), resolution up to 1280 x 800 - QuickLogic Part # CSSP-BLFDN120
Bx5B3D (MIPI to 2 channels of LVDS), resolution up to 1920 x 1200 - QuickLogic Part # CSSP-BMFDN120

The LVDS is 3v3 and will support 888/666/565 LDI and LVDS

 Digital Interface Standards for Monitor (DISM) v1.0 (JEIDA-59-1999) – LVDS (Standard 2-a)
 Digital Interface Standards for Monitor (DISM) v1.0 (JEIDA-59-1999) – LDI (Standard 2-b) – identical to openLDI

The interface is programmable so that we can include the additional HSYNC/VSYNC/DE bits in the LVDS output stream or provide fix test bits

Please let me know if you have any additional questions
Quicklogic sales guy
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Thanks for your interest in our display bridge parts, currently as of today 11th Jan 22 we have inventory of all display bridges, MIPI 2 LVDS as well as all other combinations. The parts will also shortly be available from Mouser and Digikey as we are in the process of getting them loaded on their system so you will be able to buy on line through them or Future Electronics.
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