Replacement for NXP PTN3700

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Our customer needs a replacement for NXP PTN3700 RGB-to-LVDS video interface link.

Needs a video bridge that can take 6bit each of R,G,B and put out LVDS that looks like:
RGB-LVDS-Timing.png (42.48 KiB) Viewed 40051 times
The data rate on the LVDS isn’t much…like < 40MHz.

Looks like Articlinc III has a device for this function. ... clink-iii/

RGB-to-LVDS part number is: CSSP-BPFDN120

Is this device the right one to consider? Is it programmed by Quicklogic? What is the availability?
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Yes, the Bx5A1D is the right device for this application, it can bridge between your RGB interface and the LVDS display.
The full datasheet for the 2 channel LVDS device is available at ... _Sheet.pdf
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