pASIC3 and QuickRAM FPGAs

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I'm working on a project that needs a replacement for an obsolete 5V FPGA and we need something similar so it doesn't have a big impact in the overall design, like voltage conversions. We are aware that most 5V/5V tolerant FPGA/CPLDs are discontinued or obsolete, but looking at the different options available in the market we've seen that the pASIC3 and QuickRAM families from Quicklogic are 5V tolerant and might be what we are looking for.

We have two questions regarding these two FPGAs:

1.) First, we would like to know if these FPGAs are available/in stock and not obsolete. And if that is the case how many years will they be in production approximately?

2.) And second, we would like to know the different development tools that are available for these products. I've seen some information about QuickWorks but it's a bit old, is it still this program?

I would also appreciate some other suggestions of similar 5V or 5V-tolerant FPGAs/CPLDs that we could use.

Thank you in advance!
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To answer your questions, there are two families that we would recommend to you for longevity and also the 5V side of things and they are the pASIC3 or QuickRam families. They are pin compatible families one with Ram on board one without.

These are mature families but we expect them to be in production for the foreseeable future, they are major revenue generators for QuickLogic still so I cant see them going any time soon. It is difficult to give exact number of years because we rely on third party manufacturers in our supply chain for these parts but so far we have no indications from any suppliers that there are issues with the supply of these parts and we would expect to have these in production for at least another 5 years although we can’t give guarantees on that obviously.

The best tools to support these mature devices is QuickWorks9.7.4 which can be downloaded from ... you will also need the license file ... This file needs to be unzipped and copied into C:\pasic\spde\data\license.dat

The problem you may have is that this tool has not been fully validated in Windows 10, which OS are you using? You will have to set-up a virtual machine with WindowsXP to run these tools I believe.

I hope that answers your questions, please let me know if you need anything else.
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