Interlock FPGA choice

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We are working on an interlock circuit where we'd like to use a FPGA in combination with a MCU to in a switching circuit. The basic requirement is that both switches can't be on at the same time, so the FPGA will enforce the timing such that switch X has to be off for z amount of time before switch Y can be turned on. Some things that seem nice to have:

- instant on would be nice, but not sure if absolutely required
- enough logic to implement a few counters and some simple logic
- be re-programmable in-system so we can change the operation if needed

Can you recommend quicklogic parts we should look at?

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The EOS S3 has the ARM M4 MCU + 892 Logic cells of eFPGA that should allow you to build the logic that you require.
you can find more details about the S3 at ... ontroller/

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