QL4009-1PF100C - Part Marking difference

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Hi, Please see attached image of this QuickRAM chip. It does not state the PN family on the marking as I have seen before. It looks like this is a custom made part for Tandberg. Can I get confirmation that this part does not deviate from form fit or function on the datasheet specifications? Will there be any technical differences that will affect the performance in relation to the standard QL4009-1PF100C?

Thank you in advance!
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Sorry for the delayed reply, I would need to check the date code marking to see if we still have record as this device.
It would appear at first glance to have a date code of week 5 2002. The QL4009-1PF100C is a ViaLink device which is one time programmable.

As this has custom marking I would suggest that it has already been programmed and can't be erased.

We have seen a lot of this on the grey market, so we can't guarantee the functionality or reliability of these devices, and I would be careful about purchasing them.
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